Minghao Cai

Hi there! I am a Ph.D. student in  EdTeKLA research group led by Dr. Carrie Demmans Epp, the Dept. of CS, University of Alberta. My research focuses on Human-centered computing and Learning analytics using physiological data. I used to work on remote communication with mixed reality and gesture recognition. 

Contact: minghaocai@ualberta.ca| Linkedin | Twitter

Research Projects:
    • Investigating Meta-affect in Online Learning (Collaborator: Dr. Genaro Rebolledo-Mendez and ALERT LAB led by Dr. Maria Cutumisu)
    • Eye-gaze Learning Analytics to Support Online Learning
    • Student Attentional Behaviours during Healthcare Training (Collaborator: SSRL led by Dr. Bin Zheng)
    • Learning Analytics in Online Pilot Training (Collaborator: Delphi Technology Corp)
    • Augmented Reality&Virtual Reality Use in Education

Recent Papers: 
    • Minghao Cai, Carrie Demmans Epp. Modeling Cognitive Load and Affect to Support Adaptive Online Learning. The 15th International Conference on Educational Data Mining (EDM 2022) Doctoral Consortium Papers, July 2022, UK
    • Minghao Cai, Carrie Demmans Epp, and Tahereh Firoozi. Complex Learning Environments: Tensions in Student Perspectives that Indicate Competing Values. In the proceeding the 23rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED 2022), July 2022, UK Link
    • Minghao Cai, Bin Zheng, and Carrie Demmans Epp. Towards Supporting Adaptive Training of Injection Procedures: Detecting Differences in the Visual Attention of Nursing Students and Experts. In the proceeding of the 30th ACM Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization (ACM UMAP 2022), July 2022, Spain Link
    • Minghao Cai, Gokce Akcayir, and Carrie Demmans Epp. Exploring Augmented Reality Games in Accessible Learning: A Systematic Review. CHI 2021: Adaptive Accessible AR/VR Systems, May 2021, Japan Link